To Compare or Not to Compare

mindshift Aug 13, 2020

How often do you compare yourself to others?

It is human nature to want to compare ourselves to others. To compare our abilities, our accomplishments, our physical strength and appearance, our material belongings, our social status – these are all natural comparisons that the human brain defaults to. Our brains work for survival, but what keeps us happy and successful is not our survival brain, it’s our will to question and retrain our brain to thrive. When comparing ourselves to other people comes from a place of jealously, weakness, or insecurity, the challenge to retrain our brain to thrive becomes much greater. If we can alter our mindset to come from a place of admiration and respect, we can use other peoples’ strengths as motivators for our own success, and it will become much easier to use comparisons to our own advantage.

Avoid getting caught up in someone else’s success   

During my journey through minor league baseball and into independent...

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