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Connected Performance is a great place to start when trying to connect to your greatness. Instantly learn visualization, journaling, breathing techniques and more to take your life to the next level!



Connected Performance

Life is about rhythm and balance of the physical and mental, the connection of the two. There are plenty of tools and techniques to help develop and improve mental performance, to help find that flow.


Shifting the Mind

Using a variety of techniques, Connected Performance helps with blocks that hold us back in our life. Digging deep into our subconscious, mind shifting journaling exercises can be beneficial for anybody and everybody.

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Results & Excellence

The human brain is a goal seeking mechanism that hunts down goals. In the process, we come across fears, challenges and feedback. Identifying and understanding these hurdles help us push through to get the results we desire.



We believe that it's not just about performance on the field, but off the field as well. Performance isn't only about results, it's also about the process to achieving those results.

Your guide

Zach Penprase was drafted in 2006 out of Mississippi Valley State University by the Philadelphia Phillies after leading D1 baseball in stolen bases with 57. I played ten years professionally where I spent most my time in Fargo, ND with the Fargo Moorhead Redhawks. I am the Redhawks all time leader in games played, at bats, runs scored, hits, walks, and stolen bases. I currently play for the Israel Olympic Baseball team, and I also work with some of my teammates with their mental skills in preparation for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. One of my current teammates once told me, “You are the toughest person mentally I’ve ever met, it’s been awesome to learn from you.”


I am now a certified Extreme Focus coach; a program that uses ‘beast triggers’ to help people perform at their highest level. I use the principles of the Extreme Focus program in conjunction with my own education of breathing techniques, visualizations, journaling, yoga, and mindfulness in order to achieve optimal results. This is what I call, Connected Performance.

Currently as lululemon men's brand ambassador, I created a program called the Men's Excellence Program, where a group of 20+ men met on a bi-weekly basis. We implemented the Connected Performance tools and techniques to help connect to our personal excellence. Some of the men who attended had their lives and perspectives changed forever!

Proficient Human Beings

We would love to see you become a professional athlete, a successful businessman, or anything else you want to achieve. Our #1 goal at Connected Performance is to help you become a more proficient human being.


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